Produce Distributor in Hartford CT


Offering Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Company in Hartford CT

At Heart of The Harvest we understand that success in the food service business means having a quality product, a competitive price and outstanding customer service.

Heart of The Harvest has an excellent record in food safety. We only accept the freshest raw product into our facility to be used for processing. We only buy from suppliers that have past USDA good manufacturing practices, are HACCP certified and third party audited. During the season we strive to use Connecticut Grown Product. Every item is dated and logged so it is traceable back to the field it was grown in. We were awarded the Primus GFS certificate in 2015. We have been awarded the Primus GFS certificate every year since then. Our 2017 score was 99%. We also hold the USDA GAP/GHP certificates every year.

What does this mean for you as a customer? It means that the product you receive is guaranteed fresh.

At Heart of The Harvest we clean & sanitize, process, and vacuum pack our produce in accordance with USDA guidelines to ship within 24 hours. Our quality control regiment monitors every stage of this operation ensuring you receive the best possible product to provide great taste and flavor with maximum shelf life.

We are able to customize most any product to your specifications. We have a variety of produce that can be diced, sliced, julienne, or chopped. We also offer produce blends, stir fry and vegetable medleys. Give us a call for a quote or if you are interested in "customizing" a recipe.

We look forward to servicing your pre-cut needs. At Heart of The Harvest we are "A Cut Above the Rest!"