Produce Distributor in Hartford CT


Introducing 2 oz. Snack Packs!

We participate in the DOD/PILOT program and in the FFVP. Heart of the Harvest, Inc. is pleased to introduce our 2 ounce snack packs for food service and institutional markets including schools and camps. We offer a variety of healthy fruit and vegetable items. See link for a list of items that we currently offer.

We support the participation in the FFVP (Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program) that is administered by the USDA Food & Nutrition Services. This program provides children at the elementary school level with the highest free and reduced lunch enrollment to have priority in the program. The program introduces children to a variety of produce that they otherwise may not have an opportunity to sample. Also, it lends awareness to making healthy eating choices that can impact them later on in life.

We are a sponsor of SNACT(School Nutrition Association of Connecticut).

Please Contact Us for more information or questions you may have.

Available Snack Packs (2 ounces)

Baby Carrots
Blood Oranges (skin on) (seasonal)
Blueberry Snacks (seasonal)
Broccoli Florets
Broccoli/Baby Carrot Snack
Cantalope Chunks
Carrot/Celery Snacks
Carrot Coin Snack
Cauliflower Snacks
Sliced Cucumber Snacks
Grape Snacks
Grape Tomato Snacks
Grape Tomato/Radish Snack
Grapefruit Wedges (skin on)
Honeydew Chunks
Jicama Chunks (seasonal)
Kiwi Wedges (skin on)
Mango Chunks (seasonal)
Orange Wedges (skin on)
Pepper Strip Snacks
Pineapple Chunks (seasonal)
Snap Pea/Radish Snack
Sno Pea/Grape Tomato
Sno Pea/Baby Carrot
Squash Stick Snacks
Strawberry Snacks (seasonal)
Tangerine Wedge (skin on) (seasonal)
Tangelo Wedge (skin on) (seasonal)